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SAARC Summit 2014 - News & Updates

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18th Saarc concludes with Saarc Framework Agreement for Energy Cooperation
The Saarc Framework Agreement for Energy Co-operation (electricity) has been reached among the Saarc member states aimed at addressing the increasing demand for power in the region. read more
Saarc leaders to return today; Hasina and Tobgay to return tomorrow
Most of the government heads of the Saarc member nations, who are in Kathmandu to participate in the 18th Saarc Summit, are scheduled to return on Thursday evening read more
Pakistan to host 19th Saarc Summit
Pakistan is to host the 19th Saarc Summit in its capital, Islamabad in 2016. read more
18th Saarc Summit concludes with 36-point Kathmandu Declaration Letter
The 18th Saarc Summit has concluded at the National City Hall in Kathmandu on Thursday. The Summit concluded with the endorsement of the 36-point Kathmandu Declaration Letter. read more
Closing ceremony of 18th Saarc Summit underway
The concluding ceremony of the 18th Saarc Summit is underway at the National City Hall in Kathmandu on Thursday. The Summit will conclude after passing the 36-point Kathmandu Declaration Letter. read more
Closed session of Saarc Summit begins at 4 pm
The closed session of the 18th Saarc Summit begins at 4:00 pm on Thursday. read more

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Saarc first ladies bill their Bhaktapur tour 'very interesting'
While the Heads of State/Government of the Saarc countries flew in to Dhulikhel, a tourist destination nearby Capital for a retreat, a bevy of their First Ladies drove to Bhaktapur, a city of cultural, historical and religious significance- a World Heritage Site. read more
Retreat to quell dispute among member nations
Saarc Summit is not just about hectic bilateral meetings for the heads of state and governments, but also a time out for the visiting dignitaries to enjoy the beauty, culture and cuisines of the host nation. read more
Summit begins with stress on connectivity
Saarc leaders make a pitch for realistic, mutually beneficial partnership, suggest ending all forms of terrorism for political stability. read more
Twitter diplomacy at the summit
Twiplomacy or ‘twitter diplomacy’ was at its peak with South Asian leaders taking to the social media platform as the 18th Saarc Summit kicked off in the Capital on Wednesday. read more
Saarc summit inaugurated; heads of state, govt address summit
Prime Minister Sushil Koirala has inaugurated the 18th Saarc summit at City Hall in Kathmandu on Wednesday. read more
The South Asian Age
What does the rise of India and China mean for South Asia? A lot read more
Observing the observers
China shares borders with five Saarc nations and has made massive investments in South Asia; it is only natural for it to seek a greater strategic role in the region read more

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